The start of a legend.

It all started with a camera… It’s ironic how all the content is everything but a photograph. I was really big on photography in high school, until it was time for me to go to college. Simultaneously I was taking like graphic design classes, and being to foolish man I was, I took my parents advice and went with something that could get me a job over something that I love. However 5 years in, I am growing to love the path that I’ve chosen, and it turns out painting seems to be my favorite of any other medium. But rewind. It seems like I’m still in the phase of finding out which direction of art I’m taking. From photography, to Illustration, to sculpture, to painting. My favorite’s fluctuate with each new piece I create. I think its okay to not have a preferred style because that just traps you in a box. I am a multifaceted being with the urge to create, and that it what I do.


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